• Modification projects are color-coded both on-screen and on reports as to status - yellow for active, blue for on-hold, grey for completed/closed.

  • Modification projects can be filtered by either client, system or status.

  • Modification Project records are used to store the global information for a modification project - information such as the business reason for a mod, the person who requested it, who it was assigned to, etc. (see below):

  • Modification Projects can be linked to one or more Modified Items; this is managed in a separate Modified Items screen that stays in sync with the main Modification Project window:

  • Detailed information on each modified item can be stored, including technical notes. Items can also be checked-out while being worked on; this serves to warn others that an item is currently being modified for a project.

  • Change comments can be imported directly from the modified files:

  • A specific item or all modified items for a given Modification Project can be viewed in the Item Viewer window:

  • ModTrack runs directly on the Windows desktop; dynamic screen object resizing is used to take full advantage of today's higher-resolution screens.

  • ModTrack features full MDI functionality; all major windows can be open and will operate independently on the desktop.

MDI view - full size

  • Summary and Detail Issue reports provided, with full dynamic color-coding to take advantage of modern color printers (backward compatible with regular black-and-white printers).

Detail Report

Detail Report with notes

Summary Report



  • Windows 98, NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.
  • Pentium-class PC, 64MB or more of RAM recommended.


Copyright 2001 by Silicon Valley Accounting Systems