EDI Master is a high-end, Visual Foxpro source-code solution for ANSI X.25 EDI applications.


  • Currently supports EDI documents 850 (inbound Purchase Orders), 855 (Outbound Purchase Order Acknowledgements), 856 (Outbound Shipping Notification) and 810 (Outbound Invoices).

  • Interfaces to ACCPAC (formerly SBT) Professional Series. Since EDI Master runs as a standalone VFP application (not hosted by ACCPAC/SBT), it can be interfaced to older versions while continuing to run in the VFP environment. This also allows for additional interfaces to other accounting systems to be added in the future.

  • EDI Master uses advanced Standard Exchange Format (SEF) templates to read & create EDI documents. This allows EDI Master to support multiple ANSI standard levels (3090, 4010, etc.) , and also facilitates support of future revisions of the ANSI standards with minimal or no re-programming required.

  • EDI Master can directly send and receive EDI files via email, eliminating the need for costly VAN services (note that a VAN can still be used if desired).

  • Special alert emails are automatically generated and sent for conditions such as the receipt of an invalid EDI file, use of invalid SKUs, pricing changes, etc.

  • An unlimited number of trading partners can be defined. Full interchange SKU mapping is provided, to allow Trading Partners to use their own specific SKUs.

  • EDI Master has a unique "Auto" mode, which allows fully unattended operation. The application can be set to "wake-up" and process pending EDI events at regular intervals.

  • Built-in extensive event, transaction and exception logging.

  • Built-in summary and detailed processing reports can be printed or viewed on the screen.

  • Custom Tasks facility allows non-EDI automated tasks to be processed to meet special requirements.

  • Runs directly on the Windows desktop; EDI Master uses dynamic screen object resizing to take full advantage of today's higher-resolution screens.


  • ACCPAC / SBT Professional Series 3.0 or above.
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP.
  • Pentium-class PC, 256MB of RAM recommended.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 (for email support).

Selected Screenshots (click to magnify):

Actions Screen

Partner Mapping

850 & 855 Settings

Custom Tasks


Report Window

Actions Screen - dynamic resize

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