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We have developed many commercial grade add-ons for Sage ACCPAC (formerly SBT) Accounting Systems; please contact us for details.


Sage Software Consultant & Developer

For over thirty years we have been an consultant and developer for the Sage Software Professional Series line of accounting software.  Sage Pro Series is one of the very few packages on the market that has full source code available, which permits any level of customizations to be done to precisely tailor the system to fit a company's business needs.  We have been involved in selling, installing, supporting and customizing business accounting, manufacturing and management systems for over twenty years. 

About Sage: Sage Software is a leading supplier of business management software and services to 5 million customers worldwide.  Some key facts:

* 13,000 employees
* 5.2 million customers
* Global network of 23,000 reseller partners and 40,000 accountants

Sage Pro Tech:
We have written a "Getting Started" white paper on using Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer with the SQL Server version of Pro Series; the document can be found here.


Fax Machine

Historical Info

SVAS Message Master acquired by SBT Accounting Systems (now Sage ACCPAC)

A number of our previous Pro Series/Visionpoint add-ons, including our popular Message Master products, were acquired by Sage ACCPAC (formerly SBT) in 1999 and are now official Sage ACCPAC products. To purchase one of these products, or for support for your existing copy of these former SVAS products, please contact Sage ACCPAC at (800) 945-8007. Have questions concerning the products acquired by Sage ACCPAC? The answers are in our online Former SVAS Products FAQ document.


Photos of several technical conferences we attended: Microsoft TechEd in Dallas, Texas and Visual FoxPro Devcon held in Palm Springs, California.  See photos from the old SBT Racing field trips (1998 and 1999) here.

Other photo collections:

Camarillo Air Show 2004

Smoky SoCal 2003



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